In the Media

Welcome to our media coverage page. Here you will find everything we know about that has been published about our journey including print and online media. If you are a reporter or have an interest in more information on our trip feel free to contact us on

Schwarzwälder Bote, Germany, July 1, 2016



RADtouren, Germany, April 2016

Iran Infos

Bike & Trekking, Netherlands, February 2016

RADtouren, Germany, February 2016

Schwarzwälder Bote, Germany, 13 February 2016

20160213_Schwarzwälder Bote_Cycletheworld

Going Solo Adventures, January 2015 – Blog

Q&A interview:

Gulf Madhyman Daily, January 2015 – Oman


Bike & Trekking, December 2015 – NetherlandsOnTheRoad-bt6

Khorasan, November 2015 – Iran

Iran media coverage

Bike & Trekking, October 2015 – Netherlands


Schwarzwälder Bote, 24 July 2015 – Germany20150724_Schwarzwälder Bote_Empfingen_Radtour

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